The Luna Pen Company

Alice Whetherby was the only female apprentice in 1892 at the pen nib factory within Victoria Works in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. She had a cat named Luna that she was never seen without. By the age of 29, Alice started manufacturing her own pens and pen nibs under the company name “The Luna Pen Co.”, after her beloved flame point siamese.
Here is her early packaging, business stock certificate and an advertisement published in 1918.
Sold at the best stores everywhere … and the moon.

Ink bottle, pen, nib and nib box 3D modelled and rendered by Taylor Colpitts (@gardenfreshtomatoes)
all graphics by Sarah Zanon (@iamsarahzanon)

*A little project I started on in the early days of the pandemic, shortly after visiting @thepenmuseum in Birmingham.

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